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LGBTQ Athletes. Allies. Teaming up for respect.

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Your support of You Can Play will change the culture of sports. By committing to athletes based only on their skill, talent, work ethic and heart – regardless of sexual orientation or other discriminatory factors – you send a message of equality.  You make locker rooms zones free of slurs and harassment.  And, you let fans know that sportsmanship and ability are what matter in sports.

Your donations allow You Can Play to support athletes, staff, coaches, fans, and leagues across North America. Through our trainings, educational resources, events, videos, and our partnership programs, You Can Play continues to change the landscape of sports by promoting a culture of respect and inclusion.

Thanks, in advance, for joining the You Can Play team.

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Canadian Donors
To support the You Can Play Project in Canada, please go to to make a donation through our partners at Egale.
Recurring Contribution:
Rather than making a one-time donation, you can also commit to making monthly donations in support of our mission. Your monthly donation will help form a predictable source of support for us to count on as we continue to expand the reach of the You Can Play Project. It’s the easiest way to give and ensure that more and more athletes, coaches and fans know that "if you can play, you can play."
In accordance with IRS regulations, You Can Play confirms that no goods or services were provided in exchange for your donation. This tax-deductible gift will support the organization's public awareness and education efforts. Please retain a copy of this letter for your tax records. You Can Play will only send mailed receipts upon request - please e-mail to request a receipt. You Can Play, Inc. is a Colorado non-profit organization - our IRS identification number is 45-3452563.